The team that will cause a stir in Swiss Esports

The team that will cause a stir in Swiss Esports

After receiving over 800 applications, the time has finally come: we can now introduce the team that will play League of Legends professionally and at international level full-time from January 2019.

The team is now complete! We are delighted to present Switzerland’s first professional League of Legends team. We have selected five promising and ambitious talents from more than 800 applications. The Esports team that is set to bring us excitement at national and international level from 2019 consists of:


Mahdi «Pride» Nasserzadeh

(still contracted to PENTA Sports until the end of 2018)


Nikola «Greenfire» Dimovic


Antoine «Vango» Tinguely


Marco «Polo» Buchholz


Dennis «Koala» Berg

(still contracted to PENTA Sports until the end of 2018)

We are confident that this selection puts us in the best possible starting position to ensure the success of our team. Our coach «NicoThePico» is now preparing himself and the team so that they can start training on schedule in the new year. From 1 January, the group will spend a whole year playing League of Legends full-time, training and taking part in tournaments as Switzerland’s first ever e-sports team.

The only thing missing is a name for our team. «PostFinance Rockets», «SwissLoL» or perhaps «Yellow Gamers»? From 12 to 14 October, you will have the chance to suggest a name for the team at the HeroFest in Berne, Switzerland’s largest gaming and fantasy fair. Do you have a good idea? If so, share it with us at the PostFinance stand at the HeroFest − and maybe your suggestion will impress us. The athletes and of course our coach will visit the stand frequently. You can meet them and pose for a photo with them.

We wish the Esports Experiment team lots of energy for the preparation phase and look forward to seeing the training and competitions getting into full swing from January.