The muscles behind PostFinance Helix

The muscles behind PostFinance Helix

Renato, the PostFinance Helix personal trainer, believes that physical fitness is just as important as having a stable psyche.


Renato has a whole host of responsibilities at PostFinance Helix. As a trained chef, he ensures that the boys eat healthily and don’t snack on gummy bears during games, but on healthy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts. As a mental coach, he looks after the team’s psychological well-being, and as a fitness trainer, he helps train the players so that in long tournaments they can rely on their stamina at any time. This includes regular training sessions and varied activities such as yoga or a refreshing swim in the cold Aare River.

Renato’s goal is for every PostFinance Helix gamer to become the best version of themselves. This doesn’t just include a fitter body but also a more balanced mind.

You can find out more about what’s behind Renato’s coaching in the video series on our channel. Watch episode 1 right here.


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