The 2nd Scouting Round Begins

The 2nd Scouting Round Begins

It’s crazy! We’ve received over 820 applications from you. Players from all divisions and every corner of Switzerland have sent us their applications. The most promising candidates have now made it through to the next round of selection.

Looking through the many applications was a huge challenge. However, «NicoThePico» has closely scrutinized every single applicant over the past week and a half and selected his favourites. Making the selection was a tough task as we received so many good applications from you. All applicants have already received an e-mail containing «NicoThePico» decision.

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all the applicants who have made it through to the second round.

Passion, dedication, motivation

In the second round, all candidates have to introduce themselves personally in a video. «NicoThePico» wants every player to tell him directly what their goals are and what their motivation is. This is your chance to persuade the coach how good you are and to make the right impression.

We’re looking forward to the next stage of the Esports Experiment and can’t wait to receive your exciting videos.

Last but not least…

We would like to thank you again for the many applications and hope that those of you who did not make the cut remain fans.

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