Substitution in the Bot Lane

Substitution in the Bot Lane

Substitution in the bot lane at PostFinance Helix: Joshua “WildJoshy” Lim to take on support role.

Following the last season of the Summoner’s Inn League and the Premier Tour Qualifier, coaches, staff and management together decided to refill the support position. With this fresh impetus, we’re confident that we can achieve great things again in the remaining months of the year. Our aim is to give the PostFinance Helix players the best possible chance of reaching their personal goals and help them to access the pro scene at international level.

Joshua “WildJoshy” Lim will now make the bot lane unsafe alongside Marco “Polo” Buchholz. WildJoshy was directly in second place in last year’s selection process so it’s logical that he should take over from Dennis “Koala” Berg. Koala’s services will no longer be needed for the rest of the year and he’s free to join another team. We’d like to thank him for his efforts over the past eight months and wish him continued success in his Esports career.

Statement from coach Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård:

From my experience Joshua is an extremely motivated and eager young man, he has ambition, drive and will fit in perfectly with the rest of the team.