Start of the 3rd Scouting Round

Start of the 3rd Scouting Round

The 2nd scouting round of the application process for Esports Experiment PostFinance has ended: we have informed all applicants from the 2nd scouting round by e-mail whether they have made it to the next stage. Candidates in the 3rd scouting round will now have the opportunity to convince our coach Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgård that they would also fit in the team as players. In this round, he will really be looking out for a candidate’s playing skills and how good they are in a team.

In the next phase of the application process, our coach Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgård will be scrutinising the playing skills and team skills of the remaining candidates. He will gain a clear picture of each candidate’s playing style in a series of tryouts.

At this point, candidates will be divided up into teams and compete against each other. «NicoThePico» will closely observe each player and decide who has the potential to become a professional Esports athlete, in other words who will be the best fit for the Esports Experiment PostFinance team.

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