PostFinance Helix – taking stock

PostFinance Helix – taking stock

“What next for PostFinance Helix?” “Will there be new teams or other games?” Recently, we have been receiving these questions and many others on a regular basis. We have also been considering this question carefully within the company and began to analyse the project and devise possible concepts for 2020 months ago. It was not an easy decision for us to make, but the PostFinance Helix Esports Experiment will end on 31 December 2019.


Our objectives with PostFinance Helix were clear: supporting talented young gamers to prepare them for the international professional scene and establishing professional esports here in Switzerland. It quickly became clear that the training infrastructure we set up works. Winners’ cheques on the walls of our facility and trophies bear testament to that. Looking back, we can say that we have achieved our objectives so far.

PostFinance will continue to be involved in esports

PostFinance regards its Esports Experiment as a success and will continue to be involved in esports at national level next year. The extent of this involvement is currently being defined, but it will no longer be with our own professional team. As soon as the decisions have been made, we will inform the esports community and the public.

Making the leap into the international esports scene

The rest of the year is packed with national tournaments and an international LAN event, at which we will once again do our very best to end 2019 on a victorious note and give our five athletes an outstanding opportunity to obtain places on top international teams. In addition to the Swisscom Hero League, SwitzerLAN and Dreamhack Rotterdam, our focus is on providing comprehensive support to our five players. Together with coach NicoThePico, we are working to enable them to make the leap into the international esports scene. We are confident that we will see our players on the international stage in 2020 and therefore achieve our project’s biggest and most important goal.

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