Profile – Renato Montañés

Renato was born in Frauenfeld in 1986. Renato discovered his passion for coaching while travelling. He sees coaching as a great opportunity to allow other people to benefit from his experience. In return, he always learns something new from his protégés. Great enjoyment of sport and physical exercise paved the way for him to become the coach he is today. Renato developed his understanding that it is not just the body, but also the mind that requires training in India and many other countries he has visited. He met teachers who showed him how to improve the mind, clear his thoughts and to enhance his powers of concentration. Renato still loves travelling. He coaches people from many walks of life – online and offline.

I love my life and am sure there’s still lots to discover.

Renato is now supporting the PostFinance Helix Team to great effect with all his knowledge and enthusiasm for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

To achieve top performance in any way, we have to understand that the body, mind and soul must be aligned to function in an optimal and harmonious way.

Difficult and well-defined physical challenges, robust mental routines and a balanced flow of creativity are key to any objective.


With the blend of martial arts, cross fitness, Parkour and Calisthenics, Renato defines the sport as a holistic and continually changing concept. Discipline is achieved by sticking to the task, regardless of how challenging it is.

Discipline is achieved by sticking to the task, however unpleasant it might be, to achieve a desired outcome.


Renato’s coaching is based on meditation, visualisation and communication training.

Where are you in your life? How are you doing in your current situation and where do you wish to go?

He asks his protégés these fundamental questions. This aims to clear the mind and achieve a strong mental focus.


A balanced diet and recuperative sleep are key elements of a healthy lifestyle and the basis of all training. How, what and when you should eat, how much rest you should take and at what intervals are vital factors in optimal performance. Renato believes self-reflection and recuperation are at least as important as the training itself.



Renato didn’t want to do any sport until the age of 13. He was quite clumsy and enjoyed a book much more than physical activity. That all changed dramatically when he turned 14 and realized that he could change his body and mind in the way he’d always wanted to. Over a number of years, he has gradually transformed himself into the person he is today. He still calls himself a work in progress and aims to continue with and maintain this ongoing process of change and to constantly develop.