On the road to Nexus with Logitech

On the road to Nexus with Logitech

Our Esports PostFinance Helix team is being kitted out with Logitech G gaming peripherals, including mouses, headsets and other equipment.

Logitech is PostFinance Helix’s gaming peripherals partner. This means that our team will enter Summoner’s Rift equipped with high-tech gaming peripherals. As our gaming peripherals partner, Logitech is sponsoring the equipment the team needs for gaming at the highest level. The technology experts at Logitech have provided each of our athletes with a headset, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and webcam. Logitech is also equipping further gaming stations in our PostParc training facility.


Headset:Logitech G PRO
Keyboard:Logitech G PRO
Mouse:Logitech G PRO
Mousepad:Logitech G POWERPLAY
Webcam:Logitech Brio 4K



Statement by Malick S. Loum, Marketing Manager Switzerland, Logitech Schweiz AG:

«We are proud to have the opportunity to support the PostFinance Helix team with our Logitech G Pro Series. The series was developed from the ground up in conjunction with Esports athletes and offers gamers the most innovative technology and best experience. With the Logitech G gaming equipment, there are no technological hurdles standing in the players’ way, enabling them to give their full attention to achieving victory.»


Statement by Ladina von Allmen, Esports Experiment PostFinance Project Manager:

«We are delighted to have Logitech G as our gaming peripherals partner. They have long-standing experience in Esports, which our five budding professional players will directly benefit from.»


If you also want to play like a professional, take a look at the Logitech G products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the Logitech website.