In the starting blocks

In the starting blocks

The first phase of the Esports Experiment is complete. Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård has put together Switzerland’s first professional League of Legends team and is ready to take them into battle.

The team has been selected, preparations are in full swing, SRF’s “Einstein” programme has already been to visit, and we took “Greenfire” to the German Sport University Cologne.

Our coach “NicoThePico” looks back over a long, intensive try-out phase. He was impressed by the playing abilities of the applicants, of whom there were over 800.

After an initial pre-selection, “NicoThePico” analysed endless videos, held interviews and evaluated the best players. As well as assessing their technical skills, he also took their interpersonal skills into account, as our athletes need to form a perfectly coordinated team outside their training sessions as well.

Their training schedule will get underway in less than two weeks’ time. Our objective? To catapult Esports into new spheres in Switzerland. Let’s go!