Esports Experiment at HeroFest in Berne

Esports Experiment at HeroFest in Berne

From 12 to 14 October, the Esports Experiment PostFinance team will be making its public debut at HeroFest in Berne. We have loads of activities in store for visitors at our stand.

Meet the Esports Experiment team

Want to meet our Esports Experiment team in person? At our stand at HeroFest in Berne, you will have the chance to meet our Esports pros. Our coach “NicoThePico” will also be there, of course. You’ll have the opportunity to take a picture with them in our photo booth as a memento of the day, and you may even nab a few personal tips. You will be able to show off your League of Legends prowess at numerous gaming stations.

“Yellow Gamers Bern”, “PostFinance Rockets”, or perhaps “Swiss Hornets”?

Creativity is what we’re after in our naming competition. What should our Esports team be called? Come up with your own suggestion for our team name. If your suggestion wins, the Esports team will play using this name for the whole of next year. Of course, there’s also a fantastic prize up for grabs.

The Esports Experiment team on the big stage

On Friday afternoon the Esports Experiment team will put their skill to the test for the first time versus the competition. From 17.00 to 18.00 you can cheer on the first professional Swiss League of Legends team on the Esports stage. More details will follow shortly.

Put your League of Legends knowledge to the test

In the living room, things are a bit more chilled. Here, you’ll be able to show us how much you know about League of Legends in our quiz, all from the comfort of a sofa. For the real experts out there, great prizes from Razer and Philips, provided by BRACK.CH, are also up for grabs. But for those people who want a bit of action in the living room, it also has a console complete with the new NHL 19 game, in which you can try to score goals with the digital PostFinance top scorer.

HeroFest is one of the biggest Swiss gaming and fantasy fairs, and will take place from 12 to 14 October at the BERNEXPO exhibition center in Berne. Over the course of three days, cosplayers, gamers, drone pilots, game designers, software and hardware providers, nerds, YouTubers, Esports athletes, streamers and all kinds of enthusiasts will descend on HeroFest. SwitzerLAN, the biggest LAN party in Switzerland with 2048 participants, will also be taking to the stage at HeroFest.