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The first professional League of Legends Esports team in Switzerland.

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Amazing Esports facts


12 hours of physical training a week

In addition to training to achieve perfectly coordinated performances as a ‘League of Legends’ team, our Esports professionals also do lots of physical and psychological preparation. The PostFinance Helix team spends up to 12 hours a week training under the professional guidance of our fitness and mental coach Renato.


4,000 mouse clicks per match

A professional gamer in the PostFinance Helix team performs around 4,000 clicks during the course of a single match on their Logitech G PRO mouse. Every single mouse click is part of perfectly coordinated interaction between the team and the various roles the players have.


Over 50 victories in the first six months of the year

PostFinance Helix is a very successful team. It won its first match at the PolyLAN in Lausanne. Our Esports pioneers then emerged triumphant in the first ‘League of Legends’ final of the Swisscom Hero League on 11 May. In the first six months of the year, the team won over 50 matches in total or around 75% of all matches played.


A market worth 3.5 billion by 2021

Esports is a global success story and has now become a major money-spinner. According to expert estimates, revenues from Esports and game streaming are set to rise to over USD 3.5 billion by 2021. Around 215 million people followed Esports events online in 2018.

PostFinance Helix

A valuable contribution to Swiss sport.

Esports is one of the world’s fastest growing boom sports and in the past few years has become a billion-dollar business. In 2018, around 215 million people watched Esports matches on various online channels or in huge sports arenas. The popularity of Esports is growing in Switzerland as well, and Swiss gamers are playing in wellattended halls to win competitions, gain recognition and win prize money.

By engaging in Esports, PostFinance aims to highlight its position as a digital innovation leader. And by creating an Esports development team, it wants to contribute to Switzerland’s diverse and lively sporting landscape.

Esports is still considered to be a niche sport in Switzerland and PostFinance has a long tradition of supporting such sports through funding. For more than 40 years, PostFinance has been supporting the Swiss Sport Foundation, which works closely with non-mainstream sports and is also particularly active in promoting young talent.

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Fill out by 15.09.2019 and with a bit of luck you could win a Razer Phone 2 and many other prizes.

The competition prizes

1st price

Razer Phone 2 gaming smartphone from UPC

The Razer Phone 2 smartphone sets gamers’ hearts racing. The 5.7-inch UltraMotion panel display, Snapdragon 845 processor with integrated processor cooling and 8-gigabyte working memory make the Razer Phone 2 the ultimate gaming smartphone. Our first prize is awarded by UPC Mobile. More UPC smartphones can be found here.

2nd price

2 x 2 Gaming-Bundles from Logitech G

With a bit of luck you could win second prize, 2 x 2 gaming bundles consisting of the largest selection of Logitech gaming products. Includes gaming keyboards, mouse, mouse pads and headsets from Logitech G for the perfect gaming experience. You can find a detailed list here.

3rd price

10 x UE Megaboom 3 Bluetooth speakers

With a bit of luck you could win third prize, one of ten UE Megaboom 3 Bluetooth speakers – for the best sound for when you’re gaming, on the move or wherever you want.

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Did you know? PostFinance also has digital credit for games, music, films and more.