• Year of birth 1992
  • Country Norway
  • hobbies Nature, Hunting, Cooking, Reading, Traveling, Movie Nights
  • Favorite champion Kennen
  • Least favorite champion Shaco



Fun Fact

As a child he swam 10km in under 8 hours around the island Lovund, where he lived for 8 years when he was younger

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Nicholas' Biography

Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgård made the transition from player to coach unexpectedly for an unusual reason. After training a large number of teams and hundreds of players over the past few years, the Norwegian is now taking on his next challenge with the Esports Experiment PostFinance.

Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgård always knew that one day, he would pursue a career on the Esports scene. He started out playing Starcraft: Brood Wars before turning his hand to several other games. He finally discovered League of Legends shortly after it had completed the Beta phase. He played for an extremely successful European League of Legends team as a jungler. When he lost his voice a month and a half before an important tournament, he was replaced as shot caller and captain of the team and took over as coach at short notice.

A great deal has happened since then. Over the past few years, «NicoThePico» has coached just under 20 teams and trained no fewer than 400 players. In the video «NicoThePico» talks about his best Esports experience so far and how he is adjusting to life in Switzerland. We are happy to have such an experienced and professional coach on board as Nicholas Korsgård.

Portrait NicoThePico