Become an Esports professional in four steps

Become an Esports professional in four steps

We want to have the best League of Legends team. This is why the application and selection process for the Esports Experiment PostFinance players takes place in four phases. We are currently in the first phase and our coach Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgård is working hard to drive the process forward.

Phase 1:

All interested parties can register for the Esports Experiment until 20 August. The application criteria were still relatively open. Our coach is now personally reviewing all the applications and whittling down the list to the 30 to 50 most promising players.

Phase 2:

Now we want to get to know you better. The applicants left in the running will introduce themselves with either a video or a short text so that «NicoThePico» can find out a bit about your personality and motivation, because the interpersonal aspect is crucial for the success of a team.

Phase 3:

Nico has whittled down the list further and will now look over your shoulder, either in person in Berne or online, as you play a few test games. This will enable him to evaluate whether you have the skills and potential to play on the European stage.

Phase 4:

If you can then fully convince us of your suitability during the last round of interviews, you will become a part of the Esports team.

During these four phases, we will find the right players to accompany us over the course of 2019 on the Esports Experiment PostFinance journey. We look forward to lots of exciting presentations, test games and interviews with you. Good luck!