A grand finale

A grand finale

It was the last official public event of “PostFinance Helix” and once again it was full Esports power; four days of gaming, Esports and community. SwitzerLAN 2019, with its 2,036 participants, is the biggest LAN party in the DACH region, and a highlight for many gamers.

We hauled our gear from the PFX training facility to a LAN for one last time to participate in the League of Legends tournament. With a prize pool of CHF 6,100 in LoL, this naturally attracted a large number of teams. 68 teams with a total of 340 players duelled against each other for several hours.

For us it was a very demanding tournament environment, because play went on until late into the night and kicked off again first thing in the morning. On top of that we had the ever-present double burden of the upcoming Swisscom Hero League final on Sunday. What made it more difficult was that we hadn’t played any friendlies on the latest preseason patch and so we lacked some experience with the latest changes. For the LAN, our goal was to save energy in order to achieve top performance on Sunday. But of course we still wanted to win this tournament.

After two defeats against mYinsanity, once in the Swiss rounds and then in the semi-final, we finally finished the SwitzerLAN in third place.

Final of the second Swisscom Hero League

On Sunday it was time for the final of the second season of the Swisscom Hero League. Just as in May 2019, our opponent in the final was SILENTGAMING. There wasn’t a single space left in the HeroFest Esports Arena when we entered the stage at 2 p.m. In two convincing games we were once again able to prove that as the first professional League of Legends team in Switzerland, we are still one step ahead. This allowed us to lift the trophy in front of the audience and take home CHF 5,000 prize money and the winner’s cup.