A display of power to win the first Swisscom Hero League finals

A display of power to win the first Swisscom Hero League finals

The finals of the first season of the Swisscom Hero League were held on Saturday, 11 May at ‘Halle 622’ in Zurich. The victories of the two mYinsanity players Karan ‘Senpaï Rekt’ Rastogi (Clash Royale) and Syavach ‘StrikeReaper’ Moussavi (Hearthstone) and the announcement of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) for the next season of the league were the event’s early highlights.

The big moment arrived at around 5 p.m. when PostFinance Helix and SILENTGAMING faced off for the trophy and the CHF 5,000 prize money in the ‘League of Legends’ final. The rivalry between the two teams was cranked up a notch before the match when ‘Pride’ exchanged some trash talk with his brother ‘Lagily’ from SILENTGAMING. The final started with an evenly balanced first game in which PostFinance Helix eventually emerged triumphant thanks to an outstanding performance by ‘Pride’. PostFinance Helix then demonstrated their power in the second game. While the team had to pull out all the stops to overcome SILENTGAMING at the PolyLAN over a month before, the strong individual performance of ‘Vango’ with the champion ‘Zoe’ and the teamplay of PostFinance Helix resulted in a clear 2:0 final victory in the second game.

There was a fantastic atmosphere during the final and the award ceremony at ‘Halle 622’. Most of the seats were taken and the fans of both teams were fully engrossed in the contest. Ultimately, it was not just the players of PostFinance Helix who were the winners of the first Swisscom Hero League finals, but Swiss Esports as a whole.

SILENTGAMING also received a well-deserved award. ‘Wild Joshy’, the support of the SILENTGAMING team, was declared the most valuable player (MVP) of the first season.

The final of the Swisscom Hero League highlights the progress made by the PostFinance Helix team over recent weeks, both in terms of performance and mentally. We look forward to the second season with great optimism and are eager to take up the challenge of the SINN League in Division 1.